Converting Analytics into Action

Matt Burns

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer


People are unique. Though when grouped together in meaningful numbers, we can glean incredible insights that inform important organizational decisions. From identifying the best talent to hire, and how best to engage, inspire and retain them. The results are proven and the cultural implications are indisputable.


Despite this, there remains a large gap between opportunity and solution. Still today, many organizations do not have a reliable source of people analytics. Others are drowning in it. Inaction binds these two groups together.


Join Matt as he shares his story of architecting, leading and deploying people analytics strategies inside several multinational organizations. Weaving together neuroscience, psychology and practicality, Matt shares 3 analytics questions every HR leader should be asking.


Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction: HR’s historical relationship with analytics

    • An absence of data is now replaced by an overwhelming abundance of it

    • A missed opportunity to advance the HR profession from administrators to strategic partners

  • Question #1: What does the research say?

    • Leans heavily on established neuroscience & research.

  • Question #2: Flashlight or a Hammer? Which tool is most effective?

    • Explores the link between psychology and accountability.

    • Asserts people analytics are most-effectively deployed to illuminate opportunities, not punish non-compliance.

  • Question #3: What is the role for Marketing in Analytics?

    • Explores the importance of internal stakeholder engagement.

    • Asserts HR professionals must adopt marketing best practices to ‘incite’ action.

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