Creating Visibility and Connectivity For Your Workforce

Amy Leschke-Kahle

Vice President, Performance Acceleration

The Marcus Buckingham Company

Today’s new normal requires organizations to pivot their approach to steering their workforces quickly. This change has added new pressures for leaders and employees, while prompting a number of questions. With so many teams expectantly working remotely and faced with even more uncertainty, where do leaders begin? Where should they direct their focus to keep employees engaged and feeling secure?


Having helped a diverse range of leading organizations achieve their engagement and performance objectives, we’ve recently been asked these questions by the media and would like to share the key answers. Join Amy Leschke-Kahle, VP Performance Acceleration at The Marcus Buckingham Company, an ADP Company, as she provides insights on the topics below and explores research-based recommendations to take action.


Specifically, this webinar will cover:


  • Keeping your remote teams engaged

  • What employees need to hear from their leaders (and when)

  • How to help your most reluctant leaders


Informed by these factors, you will walk away with specific actions you can take to help your leaders and their teams excel in this new normal.

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