Employee Communications in this Moment: Do This, Not That

Teryl O'Keefe Taglieri

Founder & Communication Strategist

The O’Keefe Group LLC

The dramatic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the business world and the lives of every one of our employees is transforming the employee experience. The pressure is on to quickly adjust our communication strategies to inform and engage employees during these turbulent times.

While some companies are tackling this unprecedented challenge well, most are navigating their way every day, tracking their progress and course-correcting where necessary.


In this highly interactive session, you’ll hear what companies are doing right now. What’s working and what’s not - to educate, inspire and engage their workforce.


What you’ll learn:

  • When too much communication reaches the point of diminishing returns

  • What your managers and business leaders must do to inspire trust

  • How to assess and adjust your messaging – it can be as simple as changing a headline

  • Tips to avoid “hearing without listening” – how to solicit employee feedback to build trust

  • The power of storytelling to instill compassion: finding employees to tell their own stories – we all need a silver lining right now

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