Leading Inclusion: Establishing Psychological Safety in a Virtual Environment

Joe Gerstandt

Speaker, Author, and Advisor


On a fundamental level, inclusion is about creating spaces and places where people, who are naturally different from each other, can be true to themselves and can tell the truth to each other. Truth-telling also has consequences toward safety, learning, ethics, and our ability to solve problems. While we may want to tell the truth to each other at work, there are often risks (real and/or perceived) involved. Psychological safety is how we ensure it is safe to tell the truth to your peers, and in this message, joe prepares you to take psychological safety back to your team. The message will be grounded in the research behind psychological safety, what it is, and how it is established.

  • Participants will receive an overview of the research relative to psychological safety, including what causes it and how it impacts performance.

  • Participants will understand how to assess psychological safety on the team level.

  • Participants will review a number of behaviors and practices for emphasizing psychological safety on their team(s).

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