Lessons Learned from the Frontline

David Gill

Assistant Vice President, Employee Experience

Northwell Health

Missy Sparks, Ph.D.

Vice President, Talent Management, Human Resources

Ochsner Health

Jody Ordioni


achieve Engagement

Chief Brand Officer


“Trauma on top of trauma, pain on top of pain.” That was how the events of the past few months combined with the events of the past few weeks have been described. Hear what it was like to live it every day from two top engagement professionals working for large healthcare institutions in the COVID-19 hotspots of the country. 

  • What in their career prepared them for this crisis?

  • What helped get them through it? 

  • What lessons have they learned from it that we can all take away and take action from?  


Prepare to be moved by this thought provoking session as facilitator Jody Ordioni talks with Missy Sparks Vice President Talent Management of Oschner Health and David Gill, VP of Employee Engagement of Northwell Health about their experience on the front lines of crisis.

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