Rebecca Lienhard


Tierra Del Sol

Rebecca has worked as an advocate for people with disabilities for over 30 years. Throughout this time in the field, she has worked in a variety of positions supporting individuals with significant developmental disabilities including job coach, Mentor teacher, and Supported Employment/Supported Living Program Director. Currently, she is the CEO for Tierra del Sol Foundation where she has served for 28 years. During her tenure at Tierra, she has developed innovative ways for individuals with significant disabilities to be fully integrated into his/her neighboring communities through a variety of programs partnering with both Department of Rehabilitation and the local Regional Centers.


Serving over 700 individuals who are actively involved in service-learning, paid employment and recently, post-secondary education, she has focused her career on demonstrating that people with even to most severe disabilities can be part of the employment world giving each a sense of identity and pride to their daily lives. She holds a M.A. degree in Special Education with a focus on Moderate/Severe disabilities.

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