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Complimentary Pass

Employee Engagement Connect is designed to facilitate an exchange of insights amongst attendees, as such, we invite the top practitioners from the region & country to join our event free of charge. Invitation recipients are hand-picked for the unique perspective they and their organizations can bring to the peer-based dialogue. 

If you've received an invitation or meet some of the criteria below and are interested in the opportunity to learn and discuss the challenges and successful strategies, please fill out the lead form. If you're not sure if this is the right event or opportunity for you, please feel free to email us at: leew@achievee.org, or call us: 212.457.1330

Invited guests would ideally:

  • Be an internal HR or Organizational Development practitioner

  • Possess 10+ years’ experience working within medium-to-large organizations

  • Be a current employee of an organization with at least 1,000 employees

  • Hold a senior function/lead a group dedicated to enhancing the employee experience

We'll either send a confirmation or an email explaining how to secure your seat within 24 hours of filling the form below:

*Two complimentary passes per company. Requests for additional passes will be reviewed on a case by case basis, email (leew@achievee.org) to discuss group involvement. Additional passes for the afternoon conference is always available for purchase.

Request an Invitation