What is the Role of Employee Feedback in This Moment in Time?



In this moment of turbulence in the world, you likely have questions about how and where to seek employee feedback. For example, with so much change happening, is now the best or worst time to survey employees? And should we be changing anything about how we are managing performance feedback with so many newly remote managers and workers?


Our panel of experts will discuss these questions and more in this expert panel to help you make educated decisions about how your organization proceeds with employee feedback practices. We will also tackle questions from the audience on this topic to ensure you leave with answers and guidance you need. 




  • Will Stoughton - Director of Strategy, Glint  

  • Julie Ann Sullivan - Founder, Learning Never Ends

  • Russell Robinson - Founder, Amplified Research and Consulting



Jason Lauritsen - Employee Engagement Expert & Author | Chief Content Officer, achieve Engagement​

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